Texture tiling

How do I go about tiling the texture? For instance, making a texture which is say 64x64, and rather than stretching it over a very large area, simply repeat it over the area numerous times.

Say you want to tile it 6 times horizontally and 4 vertically :
texcoord 0,0 -> texcoord 6,4 (instead of 1,1)

check the glTexParameter for GL_TEXTURE_WRAP_S/T is still GL_REPEAT (the default).

wow. Was hoping it’d be that simple. I’ll give it a go, thanks

Getting a bit confused again. If I’m assigning it to a polygon, how can I specify that many coordinates. Can’t I only assign one to each vertex?

huh what ?
To be more precise, imagine for a square, each of the 4 vertex will get one of these :
texcoord 0,0
texcoord 6,0
texcoord 6,4
texcoord 0,4

awesome! Got it working. Thanks very much :slight_smile: