Texture tiling

I’m not sure if it’s the right term. The problem is: I have a large terrain and I’d like to put textures onto it to simulate grass, snow, rocks, etc. but I want a gradual blend between rock and snow and grass. How can I do this?

If you want to simulate rock’s, grass, snow, etc. by using textures, so you must use textures that simulates blend from rocks to snow, from rocks to grass, from snow to grass etc. Did you seen Carnivories or Heave Gear 2? They did all terrain in that way. If you want some examples : download Heave Gear 2 Tools from Activision and you can find all textures that you need.

when opengl version 1.2 will be available on the PC platform, you could also use 3D texturing: upload you terrain tiles with glTexImage3D(), then assign (s,t,u) texture coordinates as usual, with u dependant on terrain height.

the opengl system then will blend consecutive tiles with the proper filter, so you’ll get grass-rock transitions for free !!

How about fiddling around with alpha blending? You could spare some texture memory as no transition textures are needed. Just blend the polygons at the transition points with per vertex alpha. Nice and smooth I guess.

Just an idea, not tested…


Yeah, should be nice. That’s what I was thinking about, but how can I do that? You mean I can use glColor4? Well, I’m going to try. Thanks alot.