texture sharing

Any have any experience using the
wglShareLists() with texture object
Is this a common function on all OGL
Any observations/hints appreciated.

Yes I had one, and it was largely positive. I needed to both share textures (i.e. load once) between two OGL windows, and also to update mirror textures with CopyTexImage (my configuration is Matrox G200 OpenGL 1.1.3 4.46.041 on NT and 5.5xx on 98). Here are facts I learned:

  1. wglShareLists works fine in allowing texture object sharing between the two OGL contextes;

  2. when I tried to update a texture object defined in context #1 with a glCopyTexImage2D on the context #2 backbuffer, I got an “invalid operation” OGL error. Lesson: (texture) objects are shared, but are actually owned, thus updatable, by the creating context.

In point 2. I actually duplicated texture objects.

To me, wglShareLists is a standard feature of all OGL Windows drivers, since it is part of the “common” layer.

If you want to look at code, please email me (mailto:p.leoncini@cira.it) and I will email it you back. I use plib/ssg (http://plib.sourceforge.net/) as scene graph layered on top of OGL.

Thanks for the reply. Can’t seem to get it
to work (Voodoo 3 card).

I have 2 windows. I create the 2 rendering
contexts. I create the texture objects in the
first RC. I wglShareLists(hRC2,hRC1);
(have tried reverse also), the RC that
created the objects textures fine, the one
that is to share does not get textured.

I’ll take you up on your code offer and
email you.

Thanks again.