Texture Seams problems

Hello folks, I’m working in an application coded in C++ that is importing OBJ files with texture coming from a 3D camera. Right now I can import the 3D image however I have texture seams issues. In the first file you can see how the 3D image looks like once imported. The texture coordinates are not 100% matching, so this is causing the problem. In the second file you can see the image zoomed, so the texture coordinates problem is more visible. We are using OpenGL library in C++ to import the image.

Any idea/suggestion will be highly appreciated.


In the first file you can see …
Are there supposed to be some image files attached to this post? I don’t see any?

Hello, I tried to upload the images, but it says they are not valid, do not know why. I changed the imaged format, but did not work.


Host your files on another website (imgur) and post the urls.

Here you go: