Texture resolution on MacOSX

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I´ve got a problem with Shockwave3D on MacOSX which drives me mad.
In my movie I´d like to replace the textures on a coach´s side (logos, text, images). Therefor I´ve modeled a coach in Maya (poly), default-textured it and then exported to sw3d. In director I change the texture to one I´ve loaded into a castmember before. The texture has got a size of 20481024 pixels. It´s pretty large but I need such a resolution to have as much detail (small text) as possible.
On my laptop (Directx7, 64 MB Radeon 9000) everything works fine - good quality, pretty fast,… On my Mac (iMac) and on the Mac (G5) of my customer the texture quality is way too bad. I think I´ve found out that director or OSX on Mac shrinks all textures to a maximum of 512
512 pixels no matter what graphics adaptor is built in. This is bad because I loose all the detail of the textures. Has anyone got an idea or a workaround for this?
I know this might be a director problem but until today I haven´t found an answer in director newsgroups. Is this a limitation of openGL on Mac?



No, the max texture size is typically 2048x2048 (for 2D, rectangle, or cube map textures, and 512 x 512 for 3D textures) although this depends on the video card.

For the software renderer, it is 4096x4096.

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Do you mean procedural textures when talking about 3d textures? If you do it seems my problem is a problem that Director produces - so I have to contact Macromedia again. If a 3d texture is a normal file texture it could be an opengl problem - you mentioned a max resolution of 512*512 which is exactly the res Director shrinks my textures to on my Mac.

3D texture here means volume textures such as used in medical visualization. I don’t know Director but I highly doubt that is what it is using, especially given that 3D textures require OpenGL 1.2 and are not supported on all Macintosh GPUs (nvidia GF2MX, GF4MX, for example.)

If Director is exporting regular old texture maps, the limit ought to be closer to 2048x2048. Have you tried asking Macromedia about it?

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