texture problem

whenever i include arguments for my program, whether i use the arguements or not, the textures do not show up like they are supposed to and i cant load anymore in either. they are all pink or green, but when i dont put any arguements when i run the program, everything is fine… im using glut right now… has anyone else had this problem?

Can you be more precise on the link between ‘arguments’ and ‘textures’ ??

i dont know the link between them… they shouldn’t effect eachother… i can bring in an arguement by going to dos and typeing “program.exe myarguement” or draggin the file myarguement onto program.exe… but the code as i have it now does not use the arguements, only accepts them… there is no link i know of… and why it effects textures and not anything else is beyond me… the question i want the answer to is the one u just asked me.

Could it be affecting the path to the textures directory when you do use the arguments?

Also, are you 100% sure that you don’t use the arguments, or perhaps a function that does so somehow?

Edit: That should be “default path”, not just “path”.