texture problem.

Alright, im trying to load up milkshape models with their corosponding textures. The model loads fine, the texture loads fine. But when i draw them on the screen, and move the camera away, i start getting weird looking lines drawn accros the texture. But if i sepratley load the teture(not with the model) and draw it, i dont get the lines. Is this a problem with tex coords or what? thanks.

~ Chris

maybe a link to a few screenshots of the problem will help out

Heres 2 screenshots. One before camera movement(looks fine )

And one after(with the weird lines)

My guess would be one of two things? I have seen similar artifacts if you use glEnable(GL_POLYGON_SMOOTH); It also might be something with your depth testing?

Thanks for the reply, but it was not either of those. Although i wasnt using depth testing, and was using smooth shading. Enabling/disabling them didnt change it. It cant really be an opengl setting. because i can draw just a straight quad off to the side with the same settings, and it doesnt give the same result. just when loaded from file.

Are you using mipmapping? If so, make sure you have defined all mipmaps down to 1x1.

im not using mipmapping as of yet. this is really weird. Could it be with the normal generation? though i dont see what causing a problem like this. hmm

Fixed it. It was a pathetic solution(usually is) the botton face of the board was intersecting with the top face on the wood board. And it apparently caused problems when rendering. But, now the question is can you texture individual faces of objects in milkshape like you can in 3dsmax? or does anyone have a link to a 3ds file reader? thanks.

Yes, you can texture individual faces in MilkShape3d. There are some tutorials on its website that detail how to do so. http://www.swissquake.ch/chumbalum-soft/ms3d/tutorials.html