Texture Prob. - No more than 2 textures can be used

I’m having a weird problem: When I try to use more than two textures at once, the first one loaded, when binded in rendering, appears as a black and white checkerboard pattern on the mesh. If I only load 2 textures, both are displayed. After loading all 3, I tried binding each one, and then checking for residency, and they were supposedly resident (GL_TRUE was returned each time).

The first texture is 512x512@24bpp, and the 2nd and 3rd are 64x128@24 and 32x32@24bpp. Any help or pointers are appreciated…


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What hardware do zou have?

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I have a PNY Vertego GeForce 6800 (not GT or ultra, it’s the lowest end 6800)

What driver version? There were some fixed function bugs in the Geforce 6 on the 61.77 drivers…

The driver version is 66.93