Texture pixelated only on my device and no other

Hello guys

The texture at web251.merkur.ibone.ch/webgl is super blurry and pixelated on my laptop. On all other machines tested it works perfectly well, I don’t know why. GPU is activated, hardware acceleration green, everything seems fine and perfect. Just that it doesn’t work on my laptop. Whil all other devices work.
The texture is 15 megs in size, but then again there is 512 MB RAM on my graphics card.
And to be sure I have a preloader for the texture, making the texture load completely before creating the scene. Further I downloaded glview, and also checked with my graphics card driver. I can’t see anything strange. Also chrome://gpu displays everything in green. What could it be? I have no clue what else to check…

My graphics card is a ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4300/4500 Series.

Thanks in advance for some advice!
Kind regards,

Are your drivers up to date? Super blurry is different from being pixelated, screen shot it maybe? Also please explain what other machines are tested? That rendered image upped my GPU memory usage to as much as 478 MB. You’re probably going to be cutting it close in terms of memory.