texture matrix

hi i want to konw when i use
then does the following codes like translate or scale make effect to the texture coordinate of the texture?
or can i comprehend this process as the transform from [x,y,z] to [s,t,r]?
thank you very much!

The texture matrix transforms the texture coordinates.

If you want (x,y,z) -> (s,t,r) you use glTexGen which is a different function.

You can also use glTexGen and matrix operations together for cool effects because the texture coordinate transformation happens after texgen.

what is the “transforms the texture coordinates” mean? transform just the texture space axis so that the texture can be transforms? when we “transforms the texture coordinates” does the [x,y,z] to [s,t,r] changed?or does the texture vertex still map to the same volume vertex?
thank you very much!