Texture Mapping

Apple’s SDK code gives information on using files of .bw and .rgb kind for texture maps. I have not yet found any application or conversion program that gives a file of either .rgb or .bw and I need to get this project finished. Does anyone know of a diffrent way to read in a diffrent kind of file (like .sgi, .pict, .bmp) for texture mapping? Or, does anyone know of any macintosh applications that create an image of .rgb or .bw kinds?

Use Graphic Converter, it’ll save to sgi which can be loaded as an rgb image (Apple’s loaders don’t include alpha channel support which sucks, but it’ll load regular rgb and RLE compressed rgb. I haven’t found ways to load pict or bmp on a Mac yet, would like to hear any solutions people have for that. Hope this helps.


I posted a reply to your question under the thread “Depth Testing w/ …”

Basically, visit this site:

There is an example of loading targa files. targa files support an alpha channel, so it’s nice. Quake 3 uses it.