Texture Mapping

I’m new to OpenGL, and was wondering if anyone had time to help me texture map a small project of mine. It’s just a little project that I’m doing for leisure and would like to show people. Shouldn’t be too difficult. If you’re interested in helping me out, please let me know! Thanks in advance!!

Can someone PLEASE help out a guy in need…i’m desperate!!!

What you mean?

Actually paint a texturemap in some paintprogram or apply a texture on a triangle?

Applying a texture on a triangle isn’t that difficult.

Enable 2d texture
Load the texture
Bind it
Specify texture coordinates when drawing the triangle

Though I usually forget some step, heh, check out some basic example…

checker.c from this site (or redbook) is easy to follow:

They dont load a texture from disk, so you have to make a loader for your texture file.


Anders…if I send you some files, do you think you could do some texture mapping to them for me? Let me know if you are interested or not. THANKS!!!