Texture mapping

I’ve some problem to map a texure on a sphere!I’ve made the spehere with milkshape 3d and I’ve apllyed the texture. When I load it into my project, I see only a little stripe of the texture!
Can you help me please?

Hmm, looks like you made a mistake… :wink:

Seriously, any more details you could provide?

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Thanks for your interest!
Well, I done the sphere with milkshape 3d and I apllyed a texture on it!To start I made a sphere with 6 stacks and 6 slices(to have few vertices:-) but I also try with more stacks and slices!);the texture it’s a .jpg 256*256, and it’s correctly load but not correctly mapped. This are the vertices and the texture coordinates:

I start from the nokia’s example in wich there’s a cube with textures!Thank you very much for your help! :slight_smile:

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I resolve the error, thanks anyway!

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