texture mapping

Hello, does any one have idea how to do texture mapping? please supply sample codes if any

You’re not going to get a response to a general question like that. You need to look for some tutorials, try it out yourself, and if you come to a specific problem, then ask here.

No, believe it or not, not one single person has ever figured out texture mapping–if you’re the lucky “chosen” one, you will be exhalted as the hero who saved OpenGL and brought us out of the dark ages into a new era of enlightenment!

Now THAT’S sarcasm. Look up glTexImage2D and all the other functions/tokens that come up as “see also”

ahhahahahahha. damn, the sarcasm was thick and bitter, just the way i like it.

i’ve noticed a complete inability of many people on these forums to get an opengl book and look up anything themselves. or even just do a search in these forums for that matter. i mean, really basic stuff like texture mapping is covered just about everywhere. guess it’s too much work to look it up yourself. all that clicking and reading and what not… whew, i get tired just thinking about it.