Texture mapping on a mac?

Alrighty I’ve looked far and wide but I have yet to find a tutorial, or some sample code explaining how to texture map on a mac without using cocoa.

Anyone got any ideas?


Google for the GLUT XCode Project template.

And then google for any OpenGL tutorial using GLUT.

Or… I am sure you will find everything you need if you google for NeHe OpenGL tutorials.
Every tutorial has complete source for virtually every architecture at the bottom of the web page.

I’ve googled texture mapping on mac, but got nothing. I would love to use nehes tutorials, but at the bottom the mac os x port of the tutorials require stuff it, some decompiler which costs money :stuck_out_tongue:

XCode is free from Apple. All you need to do is setup a free ADC account.

Any examples on NeHe are either CodeWarrior or XCode.
Projects from CodeWarrior can be imported to XCode easily.

Porting Visual Studio examples is also pretty easy and would be a good exercise to familiarize you with the development tools, and what parts of the code is actually GLUT, OpenGL and GUI cruft. An easy way to do this is to grab the XCode GLUT Project Template (it’s out there and Google is your friend) and look at that compared to the Windows examples. You’ll very soon see what is required for OpenGL and what is other stuff and can then supplant one of the simple texture demos into the GLUT outline project.

To be honest, and I am trying to be helpful here, if you cannot find these examples, or are not up to the task of putting the sample code from NeHe into XCode then you are going to have problems at every turn until you do some reading…

What I would suggest i that case is that you learn about XCode for OS X, and then read one of the freely available copies of earlier prints of the Red Book online…

Yes I know of course I have Xcode, and learned about glut. I came here because I was wondering if anyone could help me. I will look at the code worriors e amples, thanks,