Texture Mapping incorrectly

Hello there, I am new to Khronos, and new to programming in OpenGL, so please be nice.

I am currently trying to model a really nice looking 3D Eyeball, and have got my object loaded in nicely already, have some shading and lighting etc set up already.

I am struggling to get my texture to map to my eyeball correctly. It seems to be off centre in some way shape or form. The textures load to the eyeball, but they look very askwed, almost as if the coordinates are wrong or something along those lines. I will include a photo to show what I mean:

I can include the code I use to map the texture, I currently use stbi_load to get the image in to my program, and then bind it to the eyeball.

Please let me know where I may be going wrong, as I really would love to see this completed and looking nice!

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