Texture Mapping Cross Platform

Hey all,

I’m new to using GL (which I’m sure you’ve all heard many times) and I’m looking at doing the simple of job of just texturing one simple quad.

I’ve looked at different ways of doing this, the main way I’ve seen is using “glaux” BUT I’ve also heard that this is only windows compatible at the moment.

If anyone knows of a simple cross platform way to do this (even if it includes using glut) then it would be muchly appreicated if you can help me out with some source code or point me into the right direction.

Thanks in advance

Hi !

the texture mapping is platform independent alreayd so I assume you mean loading of images for the tetxures ?

Have a peek at the NeHe tutorials, there are examples of how to load images.

There are tons of libraries to load all kinds of image files out there, you could give google a shot or have a peek at www.sourceforge.net or www.freshmeat.net