Texture mapping by hand

I have recentley written some custom Texture Mapping code wich I would like to use instead of OpenGL’s software texture mapper. I wrote the code as a test program for DOS in an interpretted language, now, I don’t have a clue on whether or not it is fast code. I knew the interpretted language was slow, so I only looked at the results and not the speed. I tried to make the algorithm extremely fast though.

To map a texture onto a quad it does 6 substractions and follows 5 nested For loops, and that’s all the code there is. Now my question is, is this good code or is it bad code?

Remember that I haven’t found a way yet to incorporate this code into OpenGL so I can’t test it out.

If you study the OpenGL pipeline, you’ll find that texture application is done as fragment operation. The mapping phase occurs during rasterization.
These stages can’t be bypassed.

BTW, if you’re really interested in texture mapping algorithms, you could take Mesa3D and modify the source code.