Texture map (1000000*1000)

i have rendered texture map of (8192*1024) successfully. But i am unable to increse texture map width greater than 8192. But i have to do with 1000000 width pixels.

Please suggest me how to do it.

Thanks in advance.

Your cards upper limit for textures is most likely 8192. Which incidentally is a pretty healthy upper limit!

The width in pixels you say you require is pretty extreme…
Have you worked out just how much memory that’s going to take up?

I have no idea what you are doing, but in theory (and I have to say I don’t think your approach to whatever you are doing is realistic) you could have multiple textures of 8192 in width and string them together to make longer sections…

If you can share more details perhaps someone can make a better suggestion on how to solve your problem…

i coundn’t find examples for multiple textures and string them as one. could you pleasae share some code for this one so that it will be help ful for me

Without knowing what you are doing I can’t help, as I said before.
I also can’t advise a better strategy for you.

There is no special trick to having more than one texture…
Just allocate and create n textures, each of width x.
Then draw them using QUADS or TRIANGLE_STRIPS and position them end to end.

It’s that simple.