Texture loading performance (IRIX, Onyx2)

Could anyone give me feedback on download times for textures on an Onyx2, iR system?

I have a 3D-texture (128x128x128) which
I update for every frame (128x128x90 in size) with glTexSubImage3DEXT(). Modulating rendering parameters gives an estimate of a download time of 50 ms. The texture is only
2 or 1 byte in cell-size, giving a total size of 2.8 or 1.4 MB. The data is loaded in a separate thread, so loading time from disk to memory is not the issue.


texture transfer rates are described in the Onyx2 tech ref from sgi. I’m guessing the url is somewhere along the lines of http://www.sgi.com/onyx


Actually, that URL’s wrong. :wink: What you REALLY want is

and get the tech report.

check out the IR3. silicon. nice. :wink: