Texture issue on triangles batch

Here’s my OpenGL problem.
On a GeForce 8800 GTS (Driver version : on x64) and on Quadro Fx570M (Driver version : on x86) my game output is :


On the same computer, with a GeForce GTX 460 (Driver version : on x64), here’s the output :

Here’s some debug output for each config:
OpenGL informations :
Version : 3.0.0
Shading Language Version : 1.30 NVIDIA via Cg compiler
Forward compatible mode

Everything is rendered as GL_TRIANGLES in the VBO. For more information about my SpriteBatch, have a look here

I don’t have any clue about this issue… I bought a new GTX460 to replace my “old” 8800GTS on my Windows 7 x64 computer, and now I got this bug…
At first sight, it seems to be a texture issue (HorizontalWrap or VerticalWrap parameter), but I tried several values, no solutions…

What about some multisampling activated by the driver but not wanted ?
Almost all the sprites seem plagued by this diagonal between triangles, but not the 3 buttons with arrows at the bottom left ? Any idea ?

Thanks to you, I found the problem. It’s not multisampling, but you showed me the way.

PolygonSmooth was activated and as I draws each sprite as two separate triangles, each triangle was smoothed…

Solution found, but the question is still pending, why thoses glitches were not apparent with the old card and apparent with the new one… ?

Merci en tout cas :wink: