Texture Format Recognition

I am trying to dynamically figure out if a requested texture format will be honored or translated into something else. I attempted this with proxy targets, but that does not seem to work. I simply get back whatever I put in. My backup plan is to generate a table for each of our know cards. I am currently referencing this site:


This is the type of data I am looking for. However, it does not have my graphics family referenced in this document (GeForce 7600).

So, does anybody know where I can find info for the GeForce 7600 (supported formats)?

Does anybody have a dynamic way of determining explicit format support?

If you query the internalformat of a proxy, you will get exactly what you requested. If you query the TEXTURE_RED_SIZE, etc via GetTexLevelParameter, you can determined whether and how your internalformat request was actually translated.

It is the same as for the 6xxx series

Works Great. Thanks.