Texture file loading problem

I cannot load a texture file into the scene even though it is a very simple program that draws rectangle and put texture on the rectanngle. The code works fine in the Visual C++ but won’t load a texture file on my Xcode. Is this related to the endian-ness issue?
How can I fix this?

Thanks in advance.

texture = new TGAImage();
texture->open("Texture	exture1.tga");

i use the raw texture loader:


// Struct für das img erstellen
typedef struct _RGBIMG {
	GLuint   w;			// X Komponente des Bildes
	GLuint   h;			// Y Komponente des Bildes
	GLubyte* data;		// Datenbereich des Bildes
} RGBIMG;				// Instanz erzeugen

bool load(const char* file_name, int w, int h, RGBIMG* refimg)
	GLuint   sz;    
	FILE*    file;  
	long     fsize; 
	GLubyte* p;    

	refimg->w = (GLuint) w;
	refimg->h = (GLuint) h;
	sz = (((3*refimg->w+3)>>2)<<2)*refimg->h;
	refimg->data = new GLubyte [sz];
	if (refimg->data == NULL) {
		cout << "Speicherplatzzuweisungspobleme. " << file_name << endl;
		return false;

	file = fopen(file_name , "rb");
	if (!file)
	 cout << "Datei nicht gefunden.  (" << file_name << ")" << endl; return false;
	fseek(file, 0L, SEEK_END);
	fsize = ftell(file);
	if (fsize != (long)sz) {
		cout << "Fehlerhafte Größenangabe der Textur " << file_name << endl;
		return false;
	fseek(file, 0L, SEEK_SET);
	p = refimg->data;
	while (fsize > 0) {
		fread(p, 1, 1, file);
	cout << "Datei in RAM geladen. (" << file_name << ")"  << endl;
	return true;


RGBIMG img;										
load(name, w, h,&img);

this code loads .raw files, w and h is the size of the raw file in pixels…

i hope this helps but also i am interestet in your tga loading problem!

the path could be a problem in your code:

texture = new TGAImage();

would be better: in unix the backslash is a slash

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