Texture download performance

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Has anybody checked downloading times for textures?
I would like to know various results, specifically 1024x768,
720x576, 640x480 using glSubTexImage2D.
Preferably also the same hardware with DirectX.

Under Linux with GeForce2 and PIII 700MHz I have at most
23-34 ms for 720x480 texture RGB 24-bit.



Here are some stats from my engine’s log :

DataManager Previews : Sent a 720x576x32 sub image in 39.01 ms (40.559028 MB/s)
DataManager Previews : Sent a 360x288x32 sub image in 8.90 ms (44.457537 MB/s)
DataManager Previews : Sent a 1024x768x32 sub image in 65.67 ms (45.679646 MB/s)

Tests done on a RadeON DDR in Win2K, on an old Dual PII-300 which can only do AGP x2.
Sorry i can only test with 32bpp textures.

Hope this helps !

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Hi paddy,

thnx a lot, exactly the kind of stuff I want to know. It was OpenGL or DirectX?
Lousy performance though… But it matches what I’ve found.

I find our SGI Onyx2 with InfiniteReality about 5-10 times faster :slight_smile:
And I thought that was slow…

I don’t think pixel size matter that much.

/ Patric

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Yeah, lousy
We are far from the official Intel AGP specifications !

Well, seeing as there are a million other reasons why pure TexSubImage performance may not match (or even have anything to do with) AGP performance, it’s pretty meaningless to compare those numbers with your AGP bandwidth.

  • Matt

Hey, Matt !
Give us some tips to improve this !