Texture distortion

Hi everybody^^

I have a low-poly model. When I move around it in 3D-space I notice that the texture gets distorted. Currently this apperas when working with dae-files. But I noticed that before on some low-poly swf-files too. It gets heavily distorted the closer you move to the model…

To increase the poly-count would do the job. But e.g. the flash-target is limited to 2000 polys anway. So you cant improve much on those… :frowning: On the other hand you want to decrease the poly-count where possible + I´ve seen cubic models with just 12 polys and the texture came along nice under (deprecated) O3D-standarts. What is the difference?

Is there any other way to display the texture properly?! Maybe by using other formats? Has anybody experienced this before? Should I use normal-maps instead?!

Thanks for hints.

I’ve seen this before when people compute the ‘W’ component of polygon vertices incorrectly in the vertex shader.

How to get rid of this effect? Can you help?

How do I recompute the vertices?


Perhaps you could post the source code for your shaders? It’s hard to guess without seeing it.

Hi Steve,

I think I know what the problem is. Sorry this is going to be off-topic then. I checked this in the Flash-Player. Since it is not hardware accelerated (yet) I assume the option to correct the perspektive (texture correction) is not enabled regarding to the loading-performance…

Can you confirm that? Is there any way to display 3D-content in the Flash-player without texture distortion (for now)?

I guess this will change once adobe releases the “molehill”… Any other experiences? Correct me if I am wrong. Regards

Hi easyA,

I’m not an expert, but might mipmaps help you? Besides that, I don’t know what the connection of WebGL to Flashplayer is.

@ einSelbst: I will give it a shoot, thx!

And, yes this is a fair bit off-topic. Therefore, I am sorry…

Thread closed*

Still, when anyone can think of a convenient solution - you are most welcome^^