Texture Coord Generation

Ok I’m having trouble with the automatic texture coord generation with opengl. I have looked at the rebook online, etc, and still do not fully understand how it works. Would someone use it to assign texture coords to objects in object space one time? or every frame? …

I’m only asking this because I cannot get my texture mapping to work properly. Example: If I have terrain to texture map I would think that the best way to map it would be to use planar mapping. I know how this algorithm works (I think) but the problem is that my textures will not line up if some triangles mostly on the xz plane are next to other triangles on a xy plane… THE planes to not match up…

does anyone know what I mean?? and if not I can try to explain it in another way…



Hm, at least I can’t figure out what you mean.

Do you have a screenshot or something like that?