Texture coord generation for generic mesh.

I posted this topic in the Math forum, but go no answer. So I am going to ask here, if you will please allow me. I need to generate tex coords for a generic triangle mesh. I tried auto generation, with cube mapping, or sphere mapping but found it did not produce good results.

I came across an article by an individual who used Kohenen Neural Networks to generate both the faces/connectivity information and texture coords. But found only a brief explanation and no example code.

In his example, he took just the point data from the famous Stanford bunny and recreated the whole model + with correct tex coordinates.

Anyone have some ideas. A method for an approximation, even a crude one might work. Thanks in advance.

Search for “mesh parameterization” or “texture atlas”. Hoppe’s group at Microsoft research has some papers that are reasonably easy to work off of.

Thank you very much. This is precisely what I was looking for.