Texture Animations

I’m pretty new to Collada and modeling in general, so I have a quick question.

Does Collada support texture animations? I currently have a file I’m trying to export which skips between two images in a sequence (starts at 0, then jumps to image 2 at frame 10, then back to 0 at frame 20) and colladamaya does not export the animation.

I’ve done some searching and it looks like this feature isn’t supported yet, but everything I found was from a few years ago so I just wanted to ask to be sure.

Thanks for your help.

Switching between textures does not exactly sounds like texture animation. COLLADA does not have anything like that.

Some DCC tools use key framed animation on texture coordinate, but that’s not what you want to do is it?


Thanks for the reply

Sorry for not being clear, like I say I’m still not really familiar with a lot of this. But yeah, all I need to do is change the textures at a cetain frame.

If collada doesn’t support this, is there any kind of interchange format that does? I know that fbx can’t do this either.

EDIT: Actually just toggling visibility of a material would work since I could have a seperate material for each texture and just turn one on when another is turned off.

I don’t know what is the best way to do what you want.
You could kind of do multi texturing using shader.
That might be the most direct and reflexible way.
Please read other multi texturing posts in the forum.


sorry to reopen the post again.I gone through lists of post regarding the animating the materials,y cant we use simillar way for getting the texture animation.

(ie)animation channel target will give the material SID_ref using this can we toogle textures.


In theory, there is nothing to prevent you from doing that.
You could do a step curve to step between one material to another.
But wether other importers will understand that will always be the biggest concern.

I have seen some implementation that the animation target a specific values of vertex position.
To animation a blowfish skin sticking out for example.

The animation features in COLLADA definitely need alot of work.
If you have a clear and clean solution to improve animation, please tell us.


thanks for your quick reply

please refer the post below


i have taken this as reference.I am new to collada.So kindly excuse,if am wrong.

suppose if i want to animate materials what actully i should and what is required

is there any one to reply.

I just want to animate the texture dynamically.ie based on the frame index my texture should vary.

Is it possible or not.

Does collada supports this.

if so how to get that.

This is not supported by the current spec, but XSI has proposed an extension:
https://collada.org/mediawiki/index.php … _extension

Thanks for your reply Remi,

 Another question ,is it possible to animate materials that is color from frame to frame.

Will this information comes with animation channel.If so can you give me a example with a

patch of code