Texture animations / ifls not supported?

3DS Max supports specifying a sequence of bitmaps on a material which generates an *.ifl file. The reference to the ifl file exports through ColladaMax in the <library_images> tag, but no animation or behavior tags are generated.

Does Collada natively support texture animations?

Has anyone else implemented texture animations through Collada?

Thanks in advance,

Hello Randy,

COLLADA does not natively support ay kind of texture animations. For ColladaMaya, we have added support for the scrolling-types of texture animations, but not the kind you seem to be describing. Right now, I would suggest posting a feature request on our public Bugzilla, for us to track this.


Guillaume is right, this is not a feature supported by the current specification.
So I posted a specification request on the khronos bugzilla.

This is bug #11.

Please note: anyone (this includes Guillaume :lol: ) can open bugs against the spec/schema there.