text-printing in OrthoMode

Im writting an OS-like GUI that uses
I have no problem with blending, textures
etc. but i cant figure out how to print
text on the screen using system-fonts.
NeHe´s 13th tutoriol shows you how to
print text using system-fonts,
but only in perspective-mode .
Does anyone know how to print text on
the screen in Ortho-mode?
I could write a text-drawning function
using textures and bitmaps, but that
would take alot of time and theres
probally a much easier way.

Any help is greatly appriciated!!

PS: Sorry for my english, Im a swed DS

You only have to draw the text last and before drawing text in ortho mode disable depth testing.

Okey ill try that.

Well, you shouldn’t have any problems with drawing a text if you know how to do it in perspective-mode. There isn’t any difference while drawing in ortographic mode. Like glYaro suggest your text is probably hidden behind some other objects. Try using glOrtho2D - using this projection when drawing guarantee that your primitives will lie on the same plane.

Hope it helped


Okey now it works.
I dont know what i did wrong in my previous
code, but it works now so it doesnt
really matter .

Thank you for help!

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