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hey, i had this little problem and i dunno if u can help me : I was writting my final proyect 4 the school and used glut to display the text over the screen, it worked fine in my computer and on some others, but when i had 2 run the prog over my school computers, text didnt show up, so i tought it had 2 do with the fact i was using glut, so i changed glut routine and used the 1 NeHe wrote, however, text still didnt show up there, also tried it in a couple of other comps and it doesnt show aswell. I dunno if it has to do with Ortho mode or some sort of misscoding, ill post the code im using, thnx in advance


If you’re using the exact same code, and it’s working fine on your computer at home and not on other computers, it’s more than likely a hardware issue.

Are you perhaps drawing the text in an overlay layer which isn’t supported by the hardware at the school?

thats what i thought , so i ran a couple of nehe samples, and all they showed up text :eek:
So i tried 2 compile 1 up there, and it ran. So im not really sure if it has 2 do with the hardware.
BTW, nehe uses perspective rather than ortho, so i dunno if this can have any effect

instead of


you should use

glOrtho(0.0f,width,0.0f, height,-1.0f,1.0f);


glOrtho(-width/2.,width/2.,-height/2., height/2.,-1.0f,1.0f);

and of course you should stop using numbers 4 words.

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