Text help..

Would someone please beable to give me a nice simple text display function for openGL!

I don’t want to load fonts set bold attributes etc just display text. Take for example printf… nice and simple

Can anyone give me some example code?

Have you looked at Nehe’s lesson 25 ( nehe.gamedev.net )
You can’t expect something really simpler if you want it to run fast ! If you don’t care about speed, then yes, there is an extremely simple way to display text : you can use glut’s functionnality ( the func’s name’s maybe glutBitmapCharacter / glutStrokeCharacter … search glut.h to make it sure).


Code your own maybe? It really isnt very hard. Just an array of display list quads each textured with a letter. All you need is a font texture with all teh ascii characters, break it up into 256 separate parts using an algorithm and bind each to a quad and into a display list. If you want i can give you a nice and easy font class i wrote up, very easy to use… just email me and ill send it to you.

MrShoe, I don’t need code to display text, but if you had a texture containing letters for a nice font, or a utility to build one from a font, I’d appreciate it very much ! Because the one provided by nehe somewhat sucks. Thanks !