TexImage3d.... WHERE"S IT GONE?

read the title…

do i have to include it as an extension or was it removed?

I noticed GL_EXT_texture3d had disappeared around 10.x drivers but since it’s part of OpenGL 1.2 anyway and all recent drivers support 1.2, you just get the function pointer without the EXT in it. Works fine for me.

Hope that helps.

BTW, you do know that it’s hardware accelerated in the 14.x series drivers and up on GeForce3?



Don’t worry i got ya… I think i’ve found it as an extension of 1.2.1 anyways…


you guys really should visit opengl.org


I’ll simply give you my question…

Some days ago, I found a site which was an index on all OpenGL functions. I think it was a subdirectory of www.opengl.org, but I’m not sure because I am unable to find it now (Why didn’t I bookmarked it??).

I would like to get an URL.

this perhaps http://oss.sgi.com/projects/ogl-sample/registry/
the 1.2.1 spec can be downloaded as a pdf from this sites homepage (righthand side)

I do visit opengl.org, but its in my spare time - i.e. lunchtime at school … bloody slow connection

Anyways, i’ve got it working from the nvidia sdk. I see its also in the extension registry. I didn’t think to look there because i read it as part of the main documentation so i expected it to be part of the main header files and libraries…

Originally posted by V–man:
[b] http://www.opengl.org/developers/about/overview.html

you guys really should visit opengl.org


I too visit opengl.org and I know about the state of 3D textures in 1.2 but I interpreted the question as where has GL_EXT_texture3d gone, and this has nothing to do with 1.2’s support of 3d textures (which I pointed out anyway), but everything to do with nVidia’s driver support for the old extension.

It is only recently that they removed the old extension string from the drivers. I believe that technically it still exists since you can call wglGetProcAddress with the “…EXT…” string and it still works AFAIK. nVidia just doesn’t advertise the extension string anymore. We had a discussion about this several weeks ago on the advanced board.

No Zed, it wasn’t that. It was something ftp-like.

Well, I’ll continue searching… BTW I’ll ask you a very simple question.

OpenGL textures have the origin in the lower left corner. Am I right?