Texcoord input set starting value ?


The set attribute seems to be starting from 0 in maya and 1 in max

I get the following export from Max:
<input semantic=“TEXCOORD” source="#Box01-obj-mapchan-1" offset=“2” set=“1”></input>

and the following one from Maya:
<input semantic=“TEXCOORD” source="#Box01-obj-mapchan-1" offset=“2” set=“0”></input>

Is it a bug in the max exporter ? Or something that I need to handle in
my importer ?


In ColladaMax, we use the map channel index as the set number. In ColladaMaya, we have names for the UV sets, so we index those in an ordered fashion.

It is my understanding that set numbers are just used to group together TEXCOORD, TEXTANGENT, TEXBINORMAL and other sources. They have no implied ordering, so that it is legal to have two TEXCOORD inputs with set=“5” and set=“182”.

You should therefore support any value: as long as it is greater or equal to zero.