Testing animation in a collada file

I have exported a textured and animated model from 3D Max 9 as a collada file using the Opencollada 1.2.5 exporter.
I need some way of being sure that this file will work for someone who might use it for display on a website (via papervision3D perhaps? I don’t have any knowledge of this side of things, I’m just a Max artist).

I have already tried the SwirlViewer and BallisticColladaViewer_1.0.4 (The former shows the textured model but no animation and the latter just crashes when I open the collada file)
3D Max does seem to be able to import the collada file with no problems however seeing as the two viewers are having trouble, I’m worried that final web implementation will have problems too.

If it is a quick thing for someone to test, I could send a model over for you to check.