testers for OpenGL Demo wanted ...

Hi @ll!

I wrote a small OpenGL (+ A3D) demo and I´m searching people to give me some feedback.

But there are two important points:

The demo needs at least a TNT card and wont work on non NVIDIA chips, because I use a few OpenGL extensions. And we all know NVIDIA has got the best OpenGL drivers.

The other point is that the demo is in german, but I think it´s possible to check it out. If there are any problems post them here and I´ll do my best to make all things clear.

My website is here: http://www.3d-fan.de

You can watch a few screenshots there, too (Screenshots)!

The Demo can be found under Downloads!!!

There is higres texture version and a lowres texture version, but I think you´ll find it :-)!

The basic controls are the following:

move / turn: cursor keys
look up/down: page up / down
space: disable / enable texture filtering
L: lighting on / off
F: foging on / off
A: turn mouselook on / off
S: change scene
T: special thanks scene
R: reset scene
1-6: go to scene 1-6
q: turn on rainbowmode when particles are used
w: let the particles explode
p: show / hide fps
ESC: leave OpenGL window
shift + move: strafe

Would be cool to get some Feedback!


(by the way to use sound you need the latest A3D / A2D drivers)

Sure - I’ll test your demo for you -

I’ve got a Tnt2 Ultra

e-mail me or icq me :

satapher@quake3mods.net or 5181454

Would be nice if you could translate the program to a more understandable languang, like english or so

Well, I own a TNT running Win2k, and it didn’t work that well. Getting the same errormessage when trying to run it on ATI rage pro (Win2k). Don’t remember what the message was (at univ at the moment). Tried all kind of settings and resolutions before starting, but noone worked.

Another think i noticed was that each resolution in the choose-resolution-box was represented 5 times each, like this.

Hi Bob!

I know the problem with win 2k and that the resolutions are represented more than one time, but this only happens under Windows 2000. I don´t have Win 2000 and with Win98SE it runs well.

The demo wont work on any other chip or card. It only runs on Nvidia cards / chips, because I use OGL Extensions, that can only be found (all together) in the NVIDIA OpenGL drivers.

If you could tell me the Error Message, then I can perhaps tell you whats wrong. Was it in german?

I´m thinking about translating the demo to english, but I currently have not that much time to do it. I hope I can do it in a feew weeks.


By the way, have you got the chance to try the demo with Win98?

I have 2k too =(

it didnt like me btw

That´s a pity.
I don´t have Win2K, so I think it will be a bit difficult to find out what´s wrong with my code. I am very sorry for that!!!
Any ideas what could be wrong?

Is anyone out there, that was able to run it with Win2K?

Who can tell me what´s up with Win98? It should run there (it does for me and a few others g)!


Ok, here we go again. Tried to run it on TNT in Win98 environment, and it works fine. Not too bad i have to say

Didn’t see any problems at all, and i did test it for 20 minutes or so. Kept a framerate of >60 fps all the time in 640x480x32, and >20 at 1024x768x32. I have a 300MHz Celeron.

By the way, the errormessage i get when trying to run it on Win2k is (two messageboxes):
“Nur Software Modus verfugbar
Program wird beendet”
“GL Rendering Context konnte nicht freige geben werden”
Get the same errormessage when i try to run on ATI rage pro in Win98. Remember that Win2k is NT-environment, and might not work the same as on Win95/98.

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Hi Bob!

Thanks for that Feedback :slight_smile:

Good to see, that it works and that it´s not too bad.
Did you try the stencil buffer effect? And did you make the particles explode … this looks cool!

I can translate the error message for you!
It says, that only a software renderer was found and so the demo can not run. That´s all. It detects if you have got an ICD, MCD driver or only software mode!

And the other error said, that the GLRC could not be correctly released / deleted!
This happens if it doesn´t init correct!


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The particlesystem was simple, but rather cool when exploding. To be honest, it looked even cooler when i managed to make the particles as points, not textured quads.

About the stencil effect, was it that nifty effect when the demo started? If not, I must have missed it…

In one of the scenes, there was some sort of lava-looking texture that was “floating” ontop of another texture. That was kindof cool too.

I think the error you get when running Win2k has something to do with your code. All my OpenGL apps works fine in hardware (well, except your program ).

Hi Bob!

I know it´s all simple, but looks quite good in my oppinion. The particle system is based on NeHe´s, but I changed a few things.

Have you got an idea how to make it faster when using the textured quads? There is too much overdraw … it´s too slow :frowning:
And another question, is it possible to blend the particles with each other, but now with the surrounding textures or objects?
Caus if the particles are not transparent, they look quite ugly g!

Yeah, the Stencil Buffer thing is when starting the demo or changing scenes. The fade effect …

Perhaps I have got Windows 2000 problems, because my compiler is a bit obsolete. I use Borland C++ Builder 3.0 … :wink: … or you are right and my code is wrong!



On Win2k it didn’t worked. I only get an errormessage like ‘software rendering…’.
And on win98 I get a message that 2 extensions are missing.

My Config:
Dual Celeron 500
Diamon Viper770 (Riva TNT2)

Hi dagmc!

I saw you have got a Viper V770 and it should work on this card.
I think your drivers are obsolete and you should update them.

If you want driver, which work for you, then you should try out the 2.4 NVIDIA drivers.
They are quite old, but I think the best ones for TNT1 and TNT2 chips.

They are here: http://www.3dsl.com/files/nvidia/detonator98/W9x-240.zip

Try them out and I´m sure the demo will work fine for you with Windows98!