Test please...

Hi guys…can u test it for me


and post your system spects? u can edit some things in the game.config file…thanks!!
ps: use arrow keys , left click to shot, right reload, 1 2 3 is the guns, F1/F2 open/close console…type SET use_stereo 1 to see in steromode

could you post a zip version of your file?

ok…here is a zip version…about 3.8 Megs…

zip link

can u see the artifacts of mipmapping in the normal map? i dont know why, but it in the level editor (witch uses the same code, except that it runs under MFC), the artifacts do not appear…i tried to generate the mipmaps at runtime (using glu funcs), but the error remains…but if i enable anisotropy filtering in the code, the error disappears…but in the Editor im not doing that…i dont know…but test it for me…thanks!!

The most common reason for mipmap corruption is a wrong pixel store alignment when using GL_RGB data with images which are not multiple of 4 sized, because 4 is the default alignment.
Pitfall #7 from here http://www.opengl.org/resources/features/KilgardTechniques/oglpitfall/
Set the unpack alignment to 1 and see if it goes away.

You’r right!! the error was alignment…maybe the physics library (Newton), witch uses GL for debugging renderer, sets up some states that i dont know…but thanks for the tip!!!

Looks pretty neat. But is there a command to quit the demo? It took over my mouse so I couldn’t even use the task manager. I had to reboot :frowning:

Alt-F4 seems to work.

Pretty cool demo. :cool: You should probably do something about the aliasing though.

Thanks for the zip, but for some reason the game inverts my x-axis movement for my mouse and starts me off looking upside down. It doesn’t look like it I think it should on my computer either.

system specs:

756 MB of ram
80 GB Hard drive
94 MB vid card
from emachines

don’t know whats wrong

Looks really cool. Works fine for me…although a quit key would be nice.

But yeah, its really cool…Newton is good isnt it :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for testing…i´ve uploaded a new version here

it has more lights, dynamic visibility test for lights and a gift if u place the right sphere in the right place…see ya!!