Test Model bank

I’m having trouble with the Test Model bank. I never received my password in the mail, and now when I click on Forgot Password I sends me a blank email. Anyone experiencing the same problem?

Hi Dafu,

Please send me an e-mail with the account name you used to login and I’ll have a look at it. Also, on sunday night we had a massive power failure here (long enough to run out of battery power) so things might have been a bit messed up till the 20th/21st or so.


At the moment, 11:40AM EST, the /owl Test Model Bank is down for me.

I hope it gets back up soon, because I’m looking for example physics constraint models to test.


Sorry about that. Thanks for letting us know, I contacted the IT, I hope it will be solved soon.

I was told it is now fixed.

– Remi