Test data

Does someone have a textured model using the Collada format, that they can post so that I can use it as test data?

Including one collada xml file
and one graphic file as the texture.

I just added texturing support to my custom 3d engine written in C# and it is not working correctly. I think it might be bad data, so I want to try to rule that out with some more recent test data.


For anyone else that might read this thread.
I found a solution in downloading a trial of XSI Softimage and exporting a model to collada 1.4 format, whcih XSI supports natively.


Blender is free and also supports Collada… for when your SoftImage trial runs out. Hopefully when Khronos is done designing the conformance test suite we’ll have more readily available test data.

I’ve tried to use blender a few times and I find it difficult to use. There is a lot of functionality hot keys and the like that one has to memorize in order to use it effectively. (This is coming from a person who knows how to use AutoCad R14)

I wish there was a class to take on it. That would make it better, though then I might as well just buy software that costs the same as the class would have. I’ve found that the commercial products are much easier to use.

I don’t want to dismiss it out of hand. Maybe there are some great tutorials somewhere. (Anyone have any favorite links?)

I wish it had a tutorial built in. A tutorial built into blender would probably catapault its popularity into the stratosphere.

I have created a sample data package that is available from the COLLADA DOM sourceforge project.

http://sourceforge.net/project/showfile … _id=157838

There are a few models with textures. Seymour.dae and Seymour_plane.dae have textures in profile_COMMON effects. Mushroom_wigglatexadescent.dae has a texture in a profile_CG.

Hope this helps.

Cool, thanks for the samples.

I notice that the sphere example appears to be using lambert incorrectly though. Isn’t that defined as only using the emission element for the lighting? Yes, this came up indirectly via me on the OSG list too :slight_smile: Just need some clarification.


To the original thread starter - although I don’t use Blender either, the folks working on the COLLADA plugin have posted a few examples here:


I’m not a Blender expert by any means but you can take a look at the documentation here, which includes an official guide, a quickstart document, and both text and video tutorials. A lot of people complain about Blender’s interface. I find Max easier to use but that may just be because I’m more familiar with it. The Collada plugin by illusoft has come a long way and is now able to import a lot of my models pretty well. Kudos to illusoft on that.

I don’t think that’s the case. Lambertian reflection is used in computer graphics specifically as a model for diffuse lighting.

Right, but the current (1.4.1) COLLADA specs say “The reflected color is calculated simply as: color = emission”.

Ah, I see. Well that can’t be right. They probably just copy/pasted the documentation from <constant>, and forgot to update that part. You should submit a bug to the Khronos bugzilla.

Will try to later. I’m leaving town for a few days shortly.