tessellation problem!

hi mikael, and for anyone else wanna help me…

if i don’t resolve this problem i’m gonna break my computer!! grrrr

as you told me mikael i saw the documentation you gave me… but the problem is the callbackfunc… there’s no a real example where i just copy and run… can someone please write me a simple program with all tessellation procedures to understand how it works???

i don’t understand what to put in this istruction:
void gluTessCallback(GLUtesselator *tessobj, GLenum type, void (*fn)()); i must define something or just put names or what---- pls help me… i really need a simple example that works to understand

Please don’t hurt the computer. :frowning:

Okay, I uploaded an example for you, which was included in Red book source codes, “tess.c”.

I modified a little, so it can be compiled with C++, but all credits and rights go to OpenGL and SGI.

You will see 2 models on the screen: a rectangle with a hole in the middle, and a self-intersecting star shape.

I used g++ compiler with Dev-C++, but you can recompile it with any compiler by yourself.