I’m trying to get tesselator objects to work. I’m building a program that models my house, and tesselator object would be ideal for the walls with windows in them. Here is where I draw the tesselator: (the casting with callbacks makes my compiler happy )

tess = gluNewTess ( );
gluTessCallback ( tess, GLU_BEGIN, ( void ( __stdcall *) ( void ))glBegin );
gluTessCallback ( tess, GLU_VERTEX, ( void ( __stdcall *)(void))glVertex3dv);
gluTessCallback ( tess, GLU_END,glEnd);
gluBeginPolygon ( tess );
gluTessVertex (tess, outside[0], outside[0]);
gluTessVertex (tess, outside[1], outside[1]);
gluTessVertex (tess, outside[2], outside[2]);
gluTessVertex (tess, outside[3], outside[3]);
gluNextContour ( tess, GLU_INTERIOR );
gluTessVertex ( tess, inside[0], inside[0] );
gluTessVertex ( tess, inside[1], inside[1] );
gluTessVertex ( tess, inside[2], inside[2] );
gluTessVertex ( tess, inside[3], inside[3] );
gluEndPolygon ( tess );

The verticies are specified at a different point in the file and I’ve tried CW and CCW winding, Culling and not culling the tesselator. Basically I’m clueless as to why this doesn’t show up in my program. Any help would be greatly appriciated.