Tesselation!!! help

I’m trying to tessellation a polygon non convex and i saw that i have to use this code:


	gluTessVertex(tess, 100, 0); 
	gluTessVertex(tess, 100, 100); 
	gluTessVertex(tess, 150, 100); 
	gluTessVertex(tess, 150, 50); 
	gluTessVertex(tess, 200, 50); 
	gluTessVertex(tess, 200, 100); 
	gluTessVertex(tess, 250, 100); 
	gluTessVertex(tess, 250, 0);


but it doesn’t work cause it tells me undeclared identifier… i saw that i must put gluNewTess but i don’t know how to write it for let it work…pls help me!!

Have a look at this page .

It is the OpenGL Programming Guide chapter on how to use tesselators.

dave j