Tesselate VG path data to triangles

hi all:
i implement a svg-t software engine on opengles, but the biggest problem is the tessellation.
i need to tessellate the path data to triangle vertices.

any one give me some hint, where can i got the tessellation algorithm??

thank a lot.

Yes, the path tessellation can be a bit of a pain. If you don’t mind GPL code, you could refer to an open-source implementation of openvg on opengl called ShivaVG.

Alternatively, you can use the stencil buffer to render complex polygons (e.g. vg paths). For more information, refer to the “Drawing Filled, Concave Polygons Using the Stencil Buffer” section of chapter 13 of the redboook found at: http://fly.srk.fer.hr/~unreal/theredbook/chapter13.html

ShivaVG uses stencil buffer (as explained in the redbook). Instead, you should look at the gluTess code.

hi both:
thanks for your reply,
i think the stencil buffer solution is easier understand than GLU tessellation NOW, but the shiva (or red book)only implement even/odd fill rule,
i am not sure how to implement non-zero fill rule, using two side stencil??

by the way, does google map use svg-t 1.1??

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