Terrible frame rate

I have a nVidia Vanta LT 8 mb agp board with a TNT2 chipset (which is supposedly supported), and I only get 1 fps in my 3d opengl applications. I have tried half a dozen programs, with the same result.

I have the latest drivers from nvidia, and I have run glsetup and installed the latest gl drivers. Can anyone help?

  • Steven Richards - AKA HTML_Dude

develop ur own drivers!
i did and i get 24+fps is quake 3 on my S3 Trio3d/2x 368 8MB and OpenGL doesnt even have drivers for my card!
e-mail me at afster2daz@hotmail.com for info about makin drivers
go 2 my site http://www.unrealxtremes3gl.cjb.net and check out my drivers so far dude

u tryin 2 run games??? or boring software???