Terrian FAST!!! help need

I am on creating a car racing game for school stuff and i read after a lot type a terrain algorithms, but i didnt found anything what is fast enough to draw 512x512 vertecies and not too complicated. I really some help and some source for how to do this.
(I have GeForca 6800 GT and ther@fazekas,hu is MSN address) Thank a lot.

simple, build your terrain with 512 strips, each with the correct vertices. less than 300000 triangles should be very fine for your GT.

A lot of details here :

strip 1 :

| /| /| /| /|
|/ |/ |/ |/ |
then strip 2 etc

use a display list or a vertex array.

thanks a lot, i made up for 200 fps :smiley: