Does anyone here know where i can get a terrain tutorial for GLUT preferrably? Any terrain at all, not necessarily fractal terrain, I just want to learn how to render outside areas and all…

There is a VERY basic quad tree demo on my website, that uses glut. Only works on cards that support greater than 256x256 textures.

Thought I s’pose you could just easily resize the textures.

Nutty (www.nutty.org)

Thanks for that, but there are a few problems, one is that im looking for a C program not C++ OOP program, second is that when i try running the exe file it gives me a GLUT file missing error, but i have the dlls and stuff… dunno what is wrong

Make sure the glut dll is in your system path. I stopped including it in my zips to save space. Failing that put it in the same dir as the .exe file. Make sure it’s a pretty recent version.