Terrain Tiling

Hi, I know this isn’t an Opengl specific question, but I’m using Opengl and love it, so maybe you will forgive me and help me out?

I am trying to find a way to merge heightmaps togethor. Right now I use the Fault algorithm to generate a heightmap. Now I’d like to know if there is some way to get it to match up with other tiles. I tried simply copying the borders from the other tiles but it turns out looking weird, I need a smooth transition. I am not sure how to modify my fault generation algorith,. It is the algorithm from the Games Gems book no. 1. If anybody with a brilliant idea knows how to generate tiles that match with the edges of others help! I am stuck trying to get seamless tiles with my engine.

I just optimized my engine’s math utilities and it SCREAMS! The P4 isn’t bad when you use SSE2 instructions. Otherwise it sucks.

See yah!

I’ve never worked with a Fault algorithm so I don’t know how exactly does it work. Nevertheless, you could perhaps try to average the border values? Simply calculate the mean value of two adjecent border values, or you can compute the derivative of the slope and adjust the means.

For example, the mean of two border values is x, but the mean of adjecent-to-border tiles (one left of left border, and one right of right border) is, for example, 2x,
so you might average additinally and end up with 0.75x for border values.

That sorta works, but the the problem is they still look ‘funny’ (discontinous). It meets up nice to the point where I averaged them and then the terrain looks weird.

I’ll eventually figure it out.

I don’t know but maybe someone at
comp.graphics.algorithms does? Search
using deja/google, I’m sure you will find some threads that have sorted this out.