Terrain texturing (battlefield)

I read somewhere that BF42 uses a scheme like 16 1024x1024 textures, with color and lightmap encoded, to cover the whole terrain, plus a detail texture. But i read too that the heightmap is 1024 x 1024, but its virtual size is 4 times bigger. Well, i thought that the full size for the map is 4096x4096 meters, with 4x4 textures -> 4096x4096 texels, so each texel cover 1m ! but in game u can see shadows from trees and so on that have obviously more than 1 texel/meter …even if we put 8x8 textures (as im doing), the resolution will be 2 texel/m , resulting in a very ugly texture…did someone had read something about it, or have an idea to how to achieve such quality?
Thanx !! (i hope u understand my englsh…)

The detail textures are blended in with the big texture to give it the appearance of much higher resolution textures, and the shadows are probably mapped separately.