Hi All!
I just wanna ask you for a good advice.
I’ll explain first what I am doing.
I am drawing my terrain as one square patch which is just a part of the whole terrain. The camera is positioned in the center of the square terrain patch but slightly higher then the terr patch. Its simple. if the camera moves forward then I add another triangle strip in front of the terrain patch. same if I move right or left then a triangle strip is added to the side of the patch. This way the terrain patch moves with me (obvoiusly the shape changes as I move forward). Everything is fine but there is one important thing about which I am not sure about! How could I get rid of the back side of the terrain patch. As I mentioned the camera is positioned in the center so looking ahead its ok but there is lots of stuff being drawn behind me! How do I solve this problem?
FRUSTUM CULLING?? Will it do what I want?
or there are other better techniques?