Terrain elevation using opengl


i have started working with OpenGL recently, and sorry if i have posted in wrong place.

actually i want to achieve terrain deformation at simulation run-time, right now i am using Delta3d with QT and thought to add Terrain deformation feature. Let me explain exactly what i want to do

for ex: i have button lets say “Deform” , when i click that and click anywhere on terrain in scene that should select a vertex and pull it for certain height and surrounding vertex related to selected one should also be pulled out relatively to keep a smooth obstacle effect like a mountain.

i searched bit in Google but sadly i didn’t get any answers, please suggest what can be done to achieve Terrain deformation.any examples or any links will be great to start with :wink: .

Resultant terrain should look like below after deformation.


Thanks in advance,

What you want to do is quite “high level” and depends entirely upon the rendering technique you use for the terrain.
Perhaps if you posted a sample of the actual rendering code for the terrain (no need for all the rest of the other fluff) then people could suggest a method suitable for your needs.